Blue Electricity

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Its sphere of action is on the motory nerves of the arterial system, the arterial Capillaries, and the left (arterial) side of the heart (auricle and ventricles). Used as an embarkation for the heart undiluted it accelerates and strengthens the throb of the heart and diluted in the form of a compress or ointment it soothes the excited activity of the heart and slackens down the pulse. If poured pure on fresh bleeding wounds or applied as a compress it staunches the most violent bleeding by contracting the vascular muscles. Taken internally it has the same effect for the internal hemorrhage, blood spitting, blood vomiting, Haemorrhage of the stomach kidneys, bladder, intestines or uterus, and so on . Owing to its cantractive influence on the constrictons of the arteries and arterial capillaries it has an excellent influence in acute and chronic catarrh e.g. in pharyngeal catarrh as a gargle, (with C1 OR Domfin together); for catarrh of the ear especially for repeated relapses of the same, for active congestion in the head and brain, for different acute inflammations which occur independently, or periodically accompany other sickness as for instance in the course of gout or rheumatism.

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