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It is of + (positive) force quality, and its sphere of action is the motory and sensory fibers of the spinal and cerebral nervous system. If there is deficiency of (negative) energy quality in the body, it increases the same restoring the balance and acts in this way stimulating and strengthening; if taken undiluted may however be found to be too exciting for weak and highly sensitive persons. In such cases its counterpart the negative yellow fluid, will restore the balance again.

Owing to its influence on the pineal gland it promotes the growth; for instance with children if applied to the top of the head, occiput or the stomach i.e. (solar plexus), or taken internally as well.

It acts in a beneficent manner on the various pains that occur in the region or in the tension of the nervous system, especially neuralgia on the right side. Then it is of use in the case of gouty, or rheumatic pains, paralysis of limbs and muscles, atrophy of the same, debility  and insufficient nourishment of any part of the body, loss of appetite, sluggish activity of the stomach, spasms, catalepsy, the commencement of amauresis, and so on.

I mentioned physician Dr. Zimpel and Dr. Arthure lutze reports on an almost miraculous cure of the latter, which he witnessed during the consultation of the diseased Count Mattei in Rome.

Dr.N.L.Sinha also further mentions that he also witnessed ” similar effects of the same, if not quite so sudden, on an atrophied paralysis of the leg of the old woman, who was in charitable institution. The legs were shriveled like those of a mummy, hard and brown and of course cold as well, After repeated applications of the red fluid; there appeared at first red spots on the places in the question which gradually grew larger and warm, and from there the withered parts become vivified in one must almost circular progression. I could often observe similar effects on children, who were suffering from the paralysis infantum, and as far as I know, all were cured; of course they were treated internally at the same time (as a rule with A3, S1, or S5 and F1 the 1st or strong dil, and ointments or baths of S1 or S5 and red fluid)”.

Red electricity, by means of stimulating the glandular functions, brings about a more speedy absorption and dispersion, of tumors and ulcers of induration, and of cancer as well, if applied round the edges of the tumor or wound. Applied externally, it accelerates reconvalescence as well.

“It may be applied externally, and administered internally in same way that I have described for white electricity.” says Dr.N.L.Sinha; and under the same conditions for graduation or strength; i.e. for irritable patients in weak doses, for exhausted invalids (torpid dispositions) and paralysation, strong and undiluted doses.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Anodyne, Anti-Scrofulus, Anti-phlogistic, Tonic and stimulant.

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