Canceroso-13 C13 is also known as DOMFIN: Two major medicinal plants used in C13 are Ailanthus glandulosa and Belladona, As we know that Ailanthus has been successfully used in Diptheria and even in cases of severe streptococcal infections of throat especaiily in Tonsilitis, Pharyngitis and Laryngitis particularly when they turn into septic conditions. It is …

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Canceroso-3 A.G.L.Gliddon says “its action resembles that of a mixture of C1 and C2”. As we know that the medicinal contents of this remedy are Vincetoxicum officinalis, Pimpinella saxifraga, Conium maculatum, Rhus toxicodendron, Daphne Mazereum, Sempervivum tectorum according to JSO Komplex Heilweise, which is also known as Gw3 Mezereum cp JSO. But I don’t find …

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Cancerosos Group Of Medicines

CANCEROSOS GROUP OF MEDICINES There are 21 medicinal plants used in Canceroso series of remedies, Most of them are new medicinal plants not used in Lymphatico and Angiotico group of remedies, after preparing Lymphatico and Angitioco Mattei was probably thinking for the third group of remedies for chronic diseases that might be the result of …

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Spagyric Electro-Homeopathy

Spagyric Electro-Homeopathy and Homeopathy Most of the people think Spagyric Electro-Homeopathy is a branch of Homeopathy but this is not the case, because these both sciences of medicine differ from principle of disease and therapeutics fundamentally. The only unique similarity between these systems is the small dose of medicine and the living force (Vital force …

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Pettorals Group Of Medicines

PETTORALS (PECTORALS) All systems of the body are mutually supportive. The digestive system turns food into usable nutrients which are then used by every system of the body in the form of energy. And every other system also helps to support the digestive system, which requires a blood supply from the cardio vascular system, oxygen …

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AL-KEMI SPAGYRICS: HEALING AT ALL LEVELS Alchemy, and its herbal healing application, Spagyrics, are the holistic healing lineage of the West. Created by the great 16th century healer, Paracelsus, Spagyric medicine and the philosophical framework for its use is very much the equal to better-known lineages such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine. In his …


Plants Cure On Nano Scale

Plants Cure On Nano Scale? Plants are the basis upon which all other life depends. The prevailing scientific view is that all disease is caused on a molecular level. The modern medicines (allopathic) pharmacologically produces its effect by entering a cell through a receptor that confirms to the shape of the drug molecule like a …

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Venereos Group Of Medicines

COMPOSITION OF VENEREOS GROUP OF MEDICINES After making the grand remedies that is Canceroso, why Mattei prepared Venerio remedies? The answer is very simple because Mattei was somewhere thinking that the dyscrasia or cellular degenerative diseases especially with suppurations and very chronic in nature with foul discharges associated with history of STD i.e. Sexually transmitted …

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