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It is circulatory remedy, arterial blood circulation, sanguine, mixed and nervous temperament. Acts upon the circulation of blood, maintenance of blood flow, blood capillaries, arteries, left side of the heart, brain, liver, lungs, uterus,  kidney, skin, joint, mucous membrane, and nervous system.

Effective for constitutional heart problems, promote blood circulation, reduce blood circulation, purify the blood, arterial bleeding, hemorrhage, bleeding piles, internal bleeding, bright red colored hemorrhages means in arterial hemorrhage, acute inflammation and swellings, palpitation of the heart, congestion of heart, strengthen the heart and its muscles, anemia, ischemia, coldness, cold hand and feet, numbness, hyper acidity, slow blood circulation, hypertension and hypotension, inflammation of the liver, lungs, flushing of the face, rush of blood to the head, humming of in the ears, giddiness, dull headache, boils, wound, conjunctivitis, arthritis, neuralgic pain, sprains, muscles pain, gouty inflammation, anxiety, depression, nervous and emotional exhaustion, meningitis, paralysis. Useful to filter the blood and spleen, maintenance of blood supply to internal organs, menstrual disorders, regulate menstrual cycle, inflammation of the uterus, uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea,  amenorrhea, and increase menstrual period.

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