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It is a circulatory remedy, for blood count (RBS), sanguine, mixed, nervous temperament. Acts upon both sides of the heart, maintenance of blood circulation, red blood corpuscles, brain, mucous membrane, lungs, liver, bladder, muscles, tissue, blood vessels, bone, cartilage, sympathetic nervous system.

Effective for heart problems, most effective in case blood count, increase and produce red blood cells, iron deficiency, anemic condition, general debility, aneurism, marasmus, paralysis, general tonic remedy, especially in children and female, strengthen the whole heart, disease of the digestive due to low iron, malnutrition due to insufficient iron intake, purify the blood and cure skin diseases, internal and external bleeding, bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma, whooping cough.  

Useful for all types of blood disorders, chlorosis, poverty of blood, gives extra strength to our different organs and systems, corresponds to sanguine temperament, so use with S group and L group. Nervous or psychic disorders, Improper supply of blood to organs, lack of blood supply, numbness, gout, rheumatism, inflammation of testicle, sinusitis, pleurisy, dyspnoea, fatigue, disorders of spinal and cranial nerves.

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