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The ideal face cream, it is one that cools, cleans and whitens the skin, softens it, makes it velvety, acts as a tonic upon skin, prevents and soothes sunburns, helps to remove the freckles and wrinkles, gets rid of chaps, relieve irritation following exposure to the sun. It is applied either as a cream or lotion undiluted or diluted to the areas of the skin that require treatment, a few drops being poured into the hollow of the hand and rubbed into the skin, etc. regular uses of 20-40 drops are added to be in 500ml water are very useful in ablutions. For local applications in skin diseases, rough and ragged skin, acne, pimples, eczema or other types of dermatosis, act upon cutaneous nerves including glandular and cellular structures of the skin. It becomes smooth, velvety and soft acting fluid.  So we as cosmetic purposes for the removal of scar marks, blemishes, deep pigmentation of skin and hyperidiosis, it is used internally in skin diseases as well as in glandular indurations and complications of internal or blunt injuries.

Remember here, I explained here 60 remedies, but please don’t think it’s material medica, this is not complete material medica, it’s just a brief description from material medica, so I suggest to read a better material medica to learn perfectly. Without deep knowledge about it, you can’t practice well.

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