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Antipyretic, nervine remedies, mind tonic specific, nervous system, maintains or control the functions of the whole body. Acts upon spleen, liver, skin, gall bladder, solar plexus, spinal nerves, spinal cord, motor and sensory nervous system, peripheral nerve, central nervous system, liver, spleen, gall bladder, cerebrum and cerebellum.

Useful for maintaining blood supply, fever, acute inflammation, nervous disorders, emotional depression, panic attacks, hot flushes, palpitation, promotes mental function, stimulant peripheral circulatory, emotionally heal anger, overcome from fears, spleen disorders, low pulse, rapid fast pulse, epilepsy, hysteria, psychic disorders, depression, anxiety, headache, meningitis, epilepsy, neuralgia, increase appetite, promote digestive functions, gastralgia, fever, control the body temperature, all periodic fever, viral fever, malaria fever, typhoid fever, regulate rhythm and body temperature, pituitary glands, hormonal imbalance, hyper or of hypo state of thyroid, adrenal glands, excrete foreign bodies from our body, water balance, and hormone balance.

Control the functions of skin, stimulate the nerve impulse and increase the activation of various body structures, gout and uric acid, monosodium urate, calcium pyrophosphate, dehydrates, maintains structural and functional activities of organ and system, acts on all magnetic and electric disturbances in the nervous system. Effective for exhaustion, depression, anxiety, amnesia, disorientation, confusions, convulsions, spasmodic contraction, paralysis, hemiplegia, paraplegia, mania, psychosis.

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