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An Immune boosting health tonic, connective tissue remedy, the synergy effect of three individual health tonic, (S1: 10ml + L1: 10ml + A3: 5ml is Linfatico – 2). This remedy works a preventative tonic to support the entire system, all constitution complaints, lymphatic system, blood system, digestive system, spleen, and intestine, acute and chronic inflammation with fever, tonic after chronic illness, blood and lymphatic vessels, maintenance blood and lymph circulation,

Effective for lack of energy, weakness due to debility after long term illnesses, poor appetite, helps to strengthen a tired body and mind, a weak immune system, after an illness of pregnancy, helps to maintain a healthy digestion, nourish the blood, liver, heart, lungs, digestive system, enhance male sexual performance and treat impotence, it helps to purify the blood and skin, skin inflammations. All those diseases have come under the influence of L2, which cured with the S1, L1 and A3.

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