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A Practical Guide to Electro-Homeopathy Clinical Practice

For Electro-Homeopathy practitioners looking to improve their knowledge and skills, the “Electro-Homeopathy Practical Guide” is an indispensable resource. This guidebook is designed to provide practical knowledge and guidance for day-to-day practice in the field. It covers the fundamental principles of Electro-Homeopathy, giving you a depth of understanding of this alternative system of medicine. This book is an essential textbook for every Electro-Homeopathy practitioner, providing valuable insights and support in the practice of this holistic and effective approach to healthcare.

topics Covered

Materia Medica

This book provides information of Electro-Homeopathy 60 medicines; describing about its medicines with short notes of Materia Medica of Electro-Homeopathy.

Practice of Medicine

This book gives information to practice Electro-Homeopathy as well, all chapters arranged from head to foot, and define almost disorders in this order.

Dosage & Dilutions

This book provides information about dosage and dilution as very well, including selection of dose, selection of medicine, making dilution, etc.,

Health Care

This book provides information to care general health, describing about vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, food and diet. It defines to manage health..

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About this book

In this book “A Practical Guide to Electro-Homeopathy Clinical Practice” Dr. Ismayil (India) shares his knowledge, experience and skills in Electro-Homeopathy Complementary system, a powerful vibrational healing science practiced worldwide by lay as well as professional complimentary practitioner.

Dr. Anna Bella PhD

Tivoli, Italy

What we say

We would like to say about this book, that this book briefly explains Principles to Electro-Homeopathy, philosophy, discovery, history of Krauss, history of Zimpel, making lifestyle, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, micronutrients, guidelines for treatment, guideline for medication, selection of medicine, selection of dosage, and dilution, processing of dilution, specially explained law of temperament, and temperament diagnose, etc.

This book is covered pain management, cancer treatment, diseases and its descriptions in chapter, like head to the foot of the human body, and also describes suitable Electro-Homeopathy medicines with its dosage, and dilution to each and every condition, etc. This book gives you depth knowledge to understand the Electro-Homeopathy, its related subjects, and give you practical knowledge of day to day practice. This book is an important textbook to every EH practitioner, etc.

History of Electro-homeopathy Medicine
Fundamental of Electro-Homeopathy
Theory to Electro-Homeopathy
Materia Medica of Electro-Homeopathy
Preparation of dosage & dilution
Selection of Electro-homeopathy Medicine
Pharmacy of Electro-homeopathy
Practice of Electro-homeopathy Medicine
Administration of Electro-homeopathy Medicine
Alternative therapies in health care

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