This is an Electro-Homeopathy classical product known as Spagyric Essence dilution; made by: Modern Spagyric Herbals and Marketed by: Ajus Natural Products.

Circulatory remedy, arterial blood circulation, constitutional heart problems, promotes blood circulation, reduce blood circulation, arterial bleeding, hemorrhage, internal bleeding.


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Product highlights:

This is an Electro-Homeopathy classical product known as Spagyric Essence dilution; made by: Modern Spagyric Herbals and Marketed by: Ajus Natural Products.
Circulatory remedy, venous circulation; Venus heart problems, promotion of the venous flow, chronic inflammations and swellings, strengthen the venous circulation, congestion in veins, varicose veins, disorders arising in the uterine system, hemorrhoids, ulcers due to varicose veins.
Constitution: Sanguine, mixed.
Organs/ systems: Right side of the heart.

Key Ingredients:
Achillea millefolium
Aesculus hippocastanum
Avena sativa
Hamamelis virginiana
Hydrastis canadensis
Malva sylvestris
Sanguinaria canadensis

Medicinal properties:
Astringent, anti-acid, cardiac, anti-rheumatic, nervine, vascular, hematinic, styptic.

Its action is less extensive, but more profound and effective than that of Angiotico-1, it is the counterpart of A1. It influences the cardiac muscles, and valves pertaining there to the vena cava, the portal vein, the veins of the upper part of the body as well as the ramification of the venous system in the whole body, venous capillaries and tissues too. It acts chiefly on the right side of the heart. It also acts over the pulmonary artery and vein which connects the lungs and helps in purification and change of respiratory gases. It regulates the blood disturbed by catarrh and chronic inflammation. It acts on the nodes of the veins and varicose veins.
Angioitico-2 is the remedy for the stagnation of the blood resulting from stoppage due to inflammation and catarrh. It acts nicely on thrombosis. Angiotico-2 acts on the disorders of the metabolism which result from foreign bodies left in the system and laid the foundation for the later development of gout and rheumatism. In these cases, Angiotico-2 is generally prescribed with Canceroso series of remedies. It promotes the contractibility of the longitudinal muscles of the veins and thus helps to staunch the bleeding.

Key Benefits:
Venous heart problems
Promotion of the venous flow
Chronic inflammations and swellings
Strengthen the venous circulation
Congestion in Veins, varicose veins
Disorders arising in the uterine system
Hemorrhoids (piles or hemorrhoids)
Ulcers due to varicose veins

Directions For Use:
Take 10-20 drops of dilution in half cup of water thrice a day or as directed by the physician

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before use
Do not exceed the recommended dose
Keep out of the reach of children
Use under medical supervision
Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat
Avoid any strong smell in the mouth, such as coffee, hing, garlic, onion, mint etc. while taking the medicine.

1) Materia Medica of Electro-Homeopathy or Electropathy Spagyric Medicine; Materia Medica and Fundamental Law of Electropathy. 2) Electro-Homeopathic Pharmacopeia by Dr. A.P. Mourya and Dr. V. Kumar. 3) Pharmacology of Electropathy by Dr. R. Justinraj. 4) Materia Medica of Electro-Homeopathy by Dr. Rajesh Sharma. 5) Materia Medica of Electropathy by Dr. N.K. Awasthy. 6) A Text Book of Electro-Homeopathy by Anand Prasad Maurya. 7) New Materia Medica of Electropathy by Dr. R. Jastinraj. 8) A Handbook of Spagyric Therapy by Dr. Vinod Kumar. 9) Materia Medica of Electro-Homeopathy by Dr. Sanjeev Sharma.10) Electro-homeopathy Materia Medica, Mattei Remedies and Indian Electro-homeopathic Remedies by Dr. Arjun Singh. Indications: As per described in Electro-Homeopathy Materia Medica. Dosage: As per Materia Medica of Electro-Homeopathy or directed by the Electropathy physician.

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8.5 cm

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