With an aim to popularize, propagate and impart knowledge of the basic fundamental of the Electro-Homeopathy system of Medicine, the ELECTRO-HOMEOPATHY SCIENCE ACADEMY was founded.

Today, more and more people go for a more natural and holistic approach to health care as modern medicine is facing lack of diagnostic skills of modern day medical practitioners and rampant side-effects. With its symptomatic management modern medicine has failed in several cases. Eg. Common cold, which has become an incurable disease by advising lifelong usage of anti-allergic drugs.

The Electro-Homeopathy system of medicine, which stills follows the principles of medicine propagated by Hippocrates, Avicenna, Paracelces and Alchemy has failed to attain the prominence it deserves. At Electro-Homeopathy Science Academy, we are focused on reviving this ancient theory of medicine for the benefit of the humanity at large.

Electro-Homeopathy Science Academy campus, which fosters an ambience that helps students to interpret the scientific aspect of the Electro-Homeopathy system of medicine. The eminent faculty at Electro-Homeopathy Science Academy, perhaps the best in India delivers the entire training program with a truly contemporary approach.

The First aim of training programs conducted at Electro-Homeopathy Science Academy has more emphasis on practical approaches than theory. The program is tailored to make the prospective candidates, experts in contemporary practical aspects of Electro-Homeopathy in a short span of 10 days X 24 hrs. Duration of Sessions: Up to10 X 24hrs.


Eligibility criteria

Option I / Class A (Internship Program)

Applicant must be completed BEMS 4 1/2 years from NEHM authorized Institutes.

Applicant should submit a valid Provisional Certificate from the concerned department.

Option II / Class B (CME / CA Program)

Applicant must be completed a valid bachelor certification in Electro-Homeopathy from any authentic Institute.

Applicant should submit Certificate and a valid Registration from the concerned department.


Assist individuals or organizations engaged in clinical, pharmaceutical and scientific research in Electro-Homeopathy.

Bring out, encourage and develop the invention and research faculties of the pupils and teachers of Electro-Homeopathy and to offer opportunities for them to do research in Electro-Homeopathy.

An award and Honor outstanding personalities from within or outside the country engaged in Electro-Homeopathy Research, Academic and in the development and propagation of the Electro-Homeopathy system of Medicine.

Continuing Academic Program

We offer classes in different subjects to Electro-Homeopathy Practitioners at Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic

Oral Discussion

  • We are offering free discussion and doubt clearance to all of our book readers
  • 4 hours x 1 day only*
  • 3 Seats (each batch)*
  • Schedule your date*

CME Program

  • We are offering classes like continuing academic program (CME) to all Electropathy practitioners to clear your doubts and improve knowledge in routine practice.
  • 5 hours x 2 days only*
  • 3 Seats (each batch)*
  • Schedule your date*

Advance Classes

  • We are offering oral classes in all relevant subjects to understand the right practice of Electropathy.
  • 6 hours x 4 days only*
  • 3 Seats (each batch)*
  • Schedule your date*
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