Pettorals Group Of Medicines

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All systems of the body are mutually supportive. The digestive system turns food into usable nutrients which are then used by every system of the body in the form of energy. And every other system also helps to support the digestive system, which requires a blood supply from the cardio vascular system, oxygen from the respiratory system, nervous direction from the central nervous system etc. and thus body keeps homeostasis on cellular level. And the medicines of Electro-hHomeopathy has been designed especially to bring homeostasis that is disturbed in diseases by a interference of diseased part of one of these systems so we must know the relation and interaction of different organs and systems to each other organs and systems in human body so that a perfect remedies are chosen to correct the disease. Well, after preparing the major group of medicines that are acting on vitiations of lymph and blood, Scrofoloso and Angiotico and other organ and system specific medicines; Mattei didn’t forget to

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