What is Electro-Homeopathy?



Electro-Homeopathy is an integral part of Alternative System of Medicine, having complete medical treatment is known as a fifth medical system, and it is a plant oriented system of herbal medicine. Electro-Homeopathy is natural, harmless, simple, nontoxic, non alcoholic and with no side effects whatsoever. Besides, it is rather cheap and affordable in all parts of the society. These remedies are purifying the lymph and blood systems of the human body. Electro-Homeopathy can find and destroy the gravest disorders of the organism by purifying it, or can help to prevent disease keeping the body pure and respecting the will of the creator. 

The name “Electro-Homeopathy” is obviously a combination of the word ‘electro’ and ‘homeopathy’. The word ‘electro’ comes from the electro bio-energy that is extracted from plants, and ‘homeopathy’, which is a system for disease treatment where a patient is given very small doses of natural medications and it made exclusively from vegetable plant extracts, that in bigger doses would result in symptoms similar to those of the disease itself. 

Electro-Homeopathic treatment and its remedies have the power to restore the imbalance within the body by acting through the sensitive nerves, reach and remove the root cause of the disease. Electro-Homeopathic remedies are used to gently stimulate the body’s natural healing system (immune system) and help the body to heal itself. Electro-Homeopathic remedies are non-addictive and have no side effects. Sometimes there can be a temporary aggravating the condition that needs to be treated – this is normal and demonstrates that the treatment is working. Correctly-chosen remedies can work gently and efficiently to relieve discomfort and help the body to heal itself without toxicity or side-effects. 

Electro-Homeopathic remedies are not selected simply to treat symptoms or a named disease. Any disease is no more treated as an isolated segment in the body, but with a revolutionary totalistic approach. This will depend on the individual & their personal health fitness. The holistic approach to illness needs to be given time & many ailments will not disappear overnight. Therefore a course of treatments is recommended to get the best result. Electro-Homoeopathy treatment is always based on the Law of Temperament. The patient may be lymphatic, sanguine, mixed, bilious or of a nervous temperament. The person belonging to a specific temperament will show symptoms based on that constitution. In order to learn the constitution of the patient, a full background into their history any inherited family health matters is required. A remedy is then given accordingly.

What this means, is that two people suffering from the same condition can be given to different Electro-Homeopathic remedies and treatment plans. To work correctly, they must be chosen to match the way an individual’s system expresses its unique response to the current stress and illness. Even within the same diagnosis, different people respond to different remedies. The safety and non-toxicity of Electro-Homeopathic remedies is reassuring; however, they still must be chosen carefully on the basis of specific information and used correctly or they may affect the symptoms only superficially, or have no effect at all. 

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