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Electro-Homeopathy with Allopathy

Electro-Homeopathy is a complementary therapy that can be taken along with Allopathic medicine without any risk of interaction. Electro-Homeopathic remedies and Allopathic medicines do not interact with each other physically or physiologically. The two types of remedies do not complete for metabolic pathways or bind to the same receptor sites or carrier proteins in the blood.

Electro-Homeopathic remedies act by mediating the vital principle or the immune system of the body. They work by restoring the balance and harmony of the body’s energy, which in turn improves the immune system. Unlike allopathic medicines that have a direct chemical action, Electro-Homeopathic remedies have a more holistic approach to healing.

It is important to note that while Electro-Homeopathic remedies can be taken with allopathic medicines, it is crucial to reduce the dosage of allopathic medicine to prevent any direct chemical (toxic) effects on the body. Electro-Homeopathy should be taken as a complementary therapy to allopathic medicine to improve the overall healing process.

In summary, Electro-Homeopathy is safe to take along with Allopathic medicine, as they do not interact with each other. However, one must always take precautionary measures and reduce the dosage of allopathic medicine to prevent any unwanted side effects.

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