Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Electro-Homeopathy?

A. Electro-Homeopathy is one of the scientific system of medicine based on the principle “Vitiation Of Blood and Lymph”which means “the roots of the diseases always hidden in the vitiation of blood and lymph”. Count Ceasre Mattei an Italian Scholar enunciated this principle. Mattei proved that, there is one more way to arrive at the knowledge of medicinal power and that is to try remedies on the sick man and to note the class of diseases they are fit to cure. 

Q. What is the basic difference between the Homeopathy and Electro-Homeopathy?

  1. The Electro-Homeopathy has not followed the law of similar as per homeopathic point of view.
  2. There is no concept to make the potency like Homeopathy because in the basic Spagyric preparation no material is found.
  3. Like homeopathy the proving not done on Healthy Body rather Count Mattei made his experiment directly on the sick body and proposed the fundamental law that Disease is the result of “Vitiation of Blood and Lymph”.

Thus Electro-Homeopathy follows:-

  1. The law of vitiation of Blood and Lymph.
  2. The making of Spagyric essence by an extraordinary method of “Cohobation”.
  3. It believes, just to dilute the Spagyric essence instead of potentising the same.

Q. Who Discovered Electro-Homeopathy?

The practice of Electropathy grew with the Italian Noble, Count Cesar Mattei, who founded true Electro-Homeopathy in the latter part of the 19th century in Bologna, Italy. Being strongly influenced by the philosopher Paulo Costa, Count Mattei was motivated to devote his time and wealth to the service of humanity. He built on the works of Indian metallurgists and Ayurvedic /Siddha practitioners, also on Paracelsus and Balroot, but he focused on preparing remedies extracted exclusively from plants. He called these remedies Electro-Homeopathic medicines. He called these remedies Electro-homeopathic medicines on own his experiments of 30 years, which show in his plants extract as vegetable electricity. 

How Do They Work Electro- Homeopathic Remedies?

They work on the principle that diseased organisms are far more sensitive than healthy organisms. Much like the area of skin around a cut or a graze is more sore and tender than its surrounding areas. A remedy is never given to just remove the symptoms from the body, but to work wholly on the disease and remove its cause. It therefore works on the body as a whole.

Q. Is Electro-Homeopathic medicines act slow?

The word Electro was used just to prove that the medicines are very rapid in making action. 

Q. Can Electro-Homeopathy treat anything and everything?

AВ Like any other systems of medicine, Electro-Homeopathy has its own limitations. Through Electro-Homeopathy, any ailment acute or chronic, local or general can be treated excerpt diseases where surgery is unavoidable. Some of the so called surgical 
problems like enlarged tonsils, sinusitis, piles, fistula, kidney stone, benign tumors, etc, in its early stages could be treated with the Electro-Homeopathic medicines to a large extent. 

What is the Principle of Electro-Homeopathy?

In the sick person, the body fluids, lymph & blood become polluted and all the parts become abnormal state, which is why the disease develops in the body. Electro-Homeopathy is a system of dynamic form of healing force extracted from the plants. It preserves and controls the organism Lymph and Blood, consisting of atoms, molecules, cell tissues, organs etc, by purifying them and returning them back to the normal state. The sick person recovers speedily and completely. 

Why was the name given Electro-Homeopathy?

The name Electropathy comes from the Electro content extracted from the plants, and the way this energy is extracted and made into the remedies. Electro-Homeopathy is a name given by the founder, on the basis that those remedies are class of energy conforming to the law of similar and they possess a power and promptness and speed of action of the remedy which allows them to be compared to electricity. Electro is not related to the electrical current and not using any type of electric machine in the treatments. 

Who can use Electro-Homeopathic remedies?

Electropathy can be used by anyone of any age group who suffers from acute to chronic illnesses, for example, depression, arthritis, migraine, ulcers or ME. 

What are the side effects?

These remedies are all extracted from non-poisonous plants and do not create drug addiction or side effects. All remedies use the physical properties and not the chemical ones and are therefore ideal to combat the human body disorders without any side effects. 

What to expect when, visiting a practitioner?

The patient will be asked questions relating to their medical history and perhaps that of their immediate family. Lifestyle questions, such as stress levels, diet; exercise regimes, and sleep patterns will be asked to ensure that a holistic approach is taken. Their own expectations of the treatment and what they hope the therapy will achieve will also be discussed. It is necessary for the practitioner to know that the patient comes under which temperament, then the treatment can be assessed. The disease or condition they are displaying will also indicate what medicines should be taken. The patient will need to take the medicines, which come in the form of pill and liquid. You will be asked to attend another consultation when your prescription may change. 

What is Complex Complexis Curantur?

This means that a complex body requires a complex mixture.  For example, the human body is classed as compact and is therefore complex. So when disease occurs in the body, more than one part is involved. Diseases can produce many symptoms and therefore complex medicine is required to work on the complex disease.

Q. Is it a fact that Electro-Homeopathic medicines have no side effects?

It is a fact that Electro-Homeoapthic medicines have no side effects. The term “side effects” of a medicine comes from modern pharmacology. These drugs are aimed at one area of the body, such as the cardiovascular system, the gut, the kidneys, etc. Though they have a primary area of action, they also effect other areas of the body. If these effects are undesirable, they are known as adverse side effects. Electro Homeopathic medicines are not employed against one particular area or organ of the body. Side effects, such as tissue destruction, do not occur under Electro-Homeopathy. These medicines are produced in such a way that no alkaloids or toxic molecules can be found in the final product.

Q. What is the Quality Control in Electro-Homoeopathy?

Success of Electro-Homeopathic practice depends on the availability of quality drugs. Electro-Homeopathy Spagyric essences generally tested for their physical properties, including specific gravity, refractive index, color, smell and taste. The thin layer chromatography test is also done in addition to some chemical analysis.

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