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List Of Electro-Homoeopathy Medicine with its Remarkable action

Electro-Homoeopathy Medicine Therapeutics Of 38 Medicines Part-3

Vermifugo Group.

Different diseases are often connected with the appearance of certain parasites (foreign substance in the human organism) for instance different sorts of intestinal worms or monocellular (having or involving a single kind of cell) microscopical (Visible under a microscope) animal (microbes). These one essentially developed and breed because of an uninterrupted metabolism and indisposition of the various tissues, they need a diseased cultured medium. The intestinal remedies stimulate the disinfection made by one’s own body; influence the intestine by purging and secreting regulates the stools in an especially favorable way with chronic constipation through stimulating the intestinal glands and peristalsis. They are acting against worms by cutting the essential conditions that is the morbidity transformed contents of the intestines (fermentation, purification from these parasites, above all maw‐worms and spring or pin worms are susceptible). Moreover these remedies arouse the means of defense of the organism, thus are bactericide and therefore, qualified as intermediate remedies against all acute and chronic diseases all the more since they have similar qualities as the fever remedies as stimulant for nerves.  

Ver1‐ All the parasites and microbes all over the body especially in the intestine.

Ver2– Chronical disposition for being attacked by microbes more fit for external use and enema and ointments.


Blue Electricity.  

Innovation of the arterial system (sanguine temperament) through internal and external use, stimulant and tonic, if dosed undiluted, but sedative if diluted. A first rate styptic for all sorts of inner bleeding it is generally similar to A2 together with which it is employed for the internal and external use.

Green Electricity.

The venous system whereas BE and A1 correspond to the acutely inflammatory diseases. GE together with C5 and A2 does so above all to chronic, lingering diseases and feeble reactions it is employed against chronically ulcerating wounds such as fistulas, boils of the varicose veins, hemorrhoids, besides against ulceration angina and gum boils to rinse ones mouth against abscess, chronic rheumatic pain, arteriosclerotic process used internally and externally in ointments and baths.

Red Electricity.

Stimulant arousing nervous activities accelerating vital processes therefore the remedy for phlegmatic person to be used again trouble of inner secretion. Disease of the joints without reactions and all the states of debility and paralysation particularly in order to prevent paralysation to defective nervous activities it serves for local stimulation and sympathizes with the metabolic remedies.

Yellow Electricity.

Sedative, diminishing organic function, to be employed against all conditions of excitement, and irritation (choleric temperament), for internal and external use above all against spasm of the gastric intestinal canals and the gall bladders. Its effects corresponds to fever remedies and to intestinal remedies, states of intense psychic excitement muscular convulsions, tickling cough and the like corresponding to frequent change between the excitement and relaxing at all nervous and psychic indisposition. Doses of YE and RE are of a very favorable effect if alternatively used.

White Electricity.

Nervous, neuropathic persons like it. It is internally and externally used against organic and functional troubles of the nervous system besides against neuralgia, neurasthenia, migraine sickly feelings; it can be well combines with tissue remedies for ointments and catabalms.

APP (Aqua Perla Pelli)

It influences skin nerves and cutaneous glands, the trophic dearrangements of the skin. It is employed not only as remedy in diseases but also suitable admixed as a cosmetic for the care of skin, besides combine with marina it has beneficial effect on eyes.

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