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List Of Electro-Homoeopathy Medicine with its Remarkable action

Electro-Homoeopathy Medicine Therapeutics Of 38 Medicines Part-2

Vererio Group.

It is an old fact founded on experience that by the constant of heavy damages especially by serious diseases or by the views of alcoholic and narcotic poisons. The inherited constitution of a man may degenerate so that the worst constitutional defects are transmitted to his descendants. The constitution remedy is the chief remedy to fight such hereditary constitution defects. It is one of the most universal remedy generally to ameliorate our constitution and therefore extremely valuable also for supporting all the specific remedies combined with them, It’s may be used against all chronic diseases especially constitutional ones.

Ven1‐ Remedy calculated to better constitution (metabolis, circulation of blood and lymph, all salts of decomposition of blood and the like).

Linfatico Group.

Influences the lymphatic ways and the organs being charged to prepare purify and move the lymph and the entire liquid between the tissues.

Lin1‐ The whole lymphatic system state of decompositions of lymph and blood. Nervous debility, spasms glands and their tumours and inflammations, chronically irruptions.

Scrofoloso Group.

Primarily takes effect on the organs working for the exterior assimilation, gastric intestinal canal with glandular appendages than secondarily on those organs and tissues being usefully combined with them which work for the interior assimilation and last not least universally or constitutionally through the influence of these important organic function s on the whole organisms.

S1‐ Universal remedy for the entire metabolism stomach, intestines with glandular appendages, secretions, stimulating metabolism and appetite, if regularly used it influence in an extraordinarily favorable way for the whole constitution.  

S2– Indication bladder, catarrh of the kidney, liver and gall bladder, gastric glands, intestinal mucous membranes, constipation.

S3– Skin, dermatoid and hypodermic cellular tissues, eruptions, chronic herpes, dry and discharging one, the sensible nervous system, nervousness. Intestinal mucous membranes (stopping secretions).

S5– Liver, formation of the bile, secreting uric acid, skin and hypodermic cellular tissues with acute eruptions very fit for external use (ointments, compress and baths), motor nervous system.

S6– Kidneys, stones in the kidneys, secreting remedies, arteriosclerosis, dropsy.

S10‐ Chiefly again nervous gastric indigestions and acute diseases. Symptoms of colds.

S11‐ Pharynx and gastric nerves, nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, similar indisposition at railways, air and sea trips, vomiting with sick headache.

S12‐ Remedy for the eyes, for internal and external use, catarrh, inflammation of the conjunctiva.

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