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Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic is an India (God’s own country-Kerala) based clinic that specializes in Herbal medicine, Natural herbal, and treatments. Modern Electro-Homeopathy opened its doors on February 2008 and is now gaining a reputation as one of Kerala’s most effective Holistic and Herbal treatment centers.

We are offering treatment for several disorders and conditions. The treatments are designed around your individual health needs. They have no side effects at all and there is a wide range of treatments & therapies. We offer therapies (such as specialized Acupuncture and Cupping v/s Hijama) by experienced and highly skilled therapists. We offer therapies for the following conditions and more: 

Back pain

Neck pain

Joint pain




Frozen shoulder

Pulled muscles

Stress and strain

We also offer the following benefits:

FREE Registration

Authentic and effective Holistic and herbal treatments

Kerala’s (God’s own country) traditional treatments

Qualified and efficient Holistic and herbal practitioners 

Affordable prices

There are no side effects

Only natural medicines are used – no artificial or synthesized chemicals.

We are multilingual and can speak in Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam, and of course English

Our treatments and therapies are beneficial in that they can improve your condition or maintain a good healthy balance. For example, regular immunotherapy help maintain a good physique. We also provide many other authentic treatments and therapies that are very beneficial. Our purpose is to provide authentic Holistic and herbal treatments, which are practiced in Kerala, to clients in the around globe.

> To provide therapy that is consulted by a professional health care practitioner with many years of experience.

> To offer treatments and Acupuncture and Cupping therapy by therapists specialized in CAM.

> To give clients the beauty of the health-enhancing benefits of herbal and Kerala tradition, using only natural herbs.

We at Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic are committed to our clients and our main objective is client satisfaction. All the treatments are tailor-made to suit each individual and the Holistic and herbal physician monitors the progress of the client after the treatment.

You can contact us now to get a consultation with an efficient practitioner. 

Our Physician Dr. Ismayil Chowdary

Dr. Ismayil emphasizes more on the individual treatment of the patient. Hence the individual case record is maintained for every patient. In that case file all the detailed problems of the patient along with the prescribed medicine is mentioned by the doctor. Times to time these records are studied by the doctor to assess prognosis.

Prescription of the given medicine is issued every time. No given medicine is hidden from the patient. All the prescribed medicines are written with their respective dilution and doses. No lump sum amount is charged with patient. No exaggerate consultation charge is asked of the patient. Medicines are also given at a discounted price.

Only unavoidable diagnostic investigations are advised. In some patients to prescribe accurately and to know the response of the medicine, it becomes essential to get some diagnostic investigations done. Hence are advised to do so.

Sincere follow up is done from time to time. Chronic disease needs not only a prolonged course of treatment, but also an accurate follow up prescription is equally important for a cure. A given medicine may be followed by a complementary or supplementary or antidote or follow well remedy. This fact is given the required concern at Modern Electro-Homeopathy clinic. 

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