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The dynamism of modern age combines with the philosophy and operation of a holistic system of Medicines!

Dr. Ismayil widely regarded as the pioneer of the Holistic medical movement in India, is the Founder-Director of the Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic. A Nationally renowned practitioner of Herbal and Holistic Medicine, Dr. Ismayil is also an organizer, visionary, author and teacher. 

Right from the initial stage of his medical education, he recognized the value of the treating “the whole person” comprising the physical, mental, emotional, social and psychological dimensions of man and not only the physical aspect of the individual is the practice with modern medicine.

After studying the different system of medicine, Dr. Ismayil came to the conclusion that the various systems needed to be integrated into more effective and humane. This could be accomplished by evolving a holistic system of treatment and practicing a holistic lifestyle.

It is especially in such a contest that alternative medicines are relevant as they are a cost-effective medical service for one and all. It has the advantage of being far more inexpensive  than modern medicine, has virtually no side-effects, is more acceptable to people because of their ancient, time-tested prescription and are inherently holistic in that these systems treat the human being as a whole and not just the physical body. 

Dr. Ismayil completed Herbal Medicine (BUMS) from BCB Medical College, and he has done Bachelor of Electro-Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BEMS) from Punjab Medical Institute of Electropathy & Hospital under NEHM of India, and completed post graduate study in Medicine (MD) from BCB Medical College, and International University of Complementary Medicines. He also completed Acupuncture training (DAcu), He has received fellowships from India (FRHS). He went on to study different therapies in leading institution in India and abroad. 

At present Dr. Ismayil in the Director and Chief Consultant of the Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic and Research Center, Principal in Electro-Homeopathy Science Academy, Fellow in the Royal Health Society, Member in the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Member in the Alternative Medical Council, Coordinator of Gomukeshora School of Yoga and Naturopathy, and Consultant of National Institute of Alternative Medicines, Guide to Ashcraft University London. 

Dr. Ismayil supervises the preparing of above 100 Electro-Homeopathy herbal medicines, and Herbal Spagyric Essences of which the herbal antibiotic (MEFSICOME-500) is very effective and unique. He also manufactures and markets 20 Alternative therapy equipments of which the Multi healing system (Stimulator of Rheumatic diseases), and Acupuncture needle cure stimulator. 

Dr. Ismayil’s interests include free lecture in holistic medicines, conducting medical camps in herbal and holistic system of medicines and he also conducts continuing Academicals program once in a month at his hospital for medical practitioners.

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