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Dr. Ismayil is a highly respected figure in the holistic medical community in India. As the Founder-Director of the Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic, he is known for his pioneering work in promoting natural, holistic approaches to healthcare. Dr. Ismayil has a wealth of experience in herbal and holistic medicine and is widely regarded as a national expert in his field.

Dr. Ismayil’s philosophy is centered around treating the whole person, not just the physical body. He believes that by integrating different systems of medicine into a holistic approach, it is possible to provide more effective and humane care to patients. His approach to medicine is rooted in the idea that alternative medicines are a cost-effective and holistic medical service that can benefit everyone.

He is completed Bachelor course in Herbal and Indigenous Medicine (BUMS) from B.C.B Medical College, and he has done Bachelor of Electro-Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BEMS) from Punjab Medical Institute of Electropathy & Hospital under NEHM of India, as well as post-graduate studies in Medicine from B.C.B Medical College and the International University of Complementary Medicines. He has also completed acupuncture training (DAcu) and received fellowships from the Royal Health Society (FRHS). He went on to study different therapies in leading institution in India and abroad. 

Currently, Dr. Ismayil is the Director and Chief Consultant of the Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic and Research Center. He is also the Principal in Electro-Homeopathy Science Academy, a Fellow in the Royal Health Society, a Member of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, and a Coordinator of Gomukeshora School of Yoga and Naturopathy. In addition, he is a consultant for the National Institute of Alternative Medicines and a guide to Ashcraft University London.

Dr. Ismayil is heavily involved in the production and preparation of over 100 Electro-Homeopathy herbal medicines and Herbal Spagyric Essences. Dr. Ismayil also conducts free lectures on holistic medicine, medical camps, and continuing academic programs for medical practitioners.

Overall, Dr. Ismayil’s wealth of knowledge and experience make him a leading figure in the holistic medical movement in India. His dedication to promoting natural, holistic approaches to healthcare has been instrumental in helping countless individuals achieve greater health and well-being.






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