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The kind of medicine we practice requires extensive background information. The information you provide helps us to personally understand your needs and begin designing a specialized treatment program. Some items, which you might consider to be unimportant, may be very significant to us. Stressful factors in your life and your developmental and family history are significant and will help us understand you fully. Even the most seemingly innocent pieces of information may provide us with an insight we might not have otherwise identified to aid direction in providing you the best possible care.

We also need certain medical records and laboratory reports. Please contact a Patient Relation Office (PRO) in our office if you have any questions or need our assistance to obtain records.

1) A chronological history with dates of diagnosis, procedures, and treatments

2) Previous medical reports

3) Pathology reports

4) Reports from CT scans, PET scans, MRIs, X-Rays (Please do not send the actual films, only the reports).

5) Surgical reports

6) Most recent blood reports

Please Note:

a) If an online consultation, the patient or guardian fills out our questionnaire / form and click on submit. 

b) Fill out your consultation form, take minimum 3 to 10 minutes to complete procedure step by step.

c) You can use the online consultation form and submit; you should fill-up properly, incomplete form unable to reply; it is a major cause to reject your request. 

d) We have consultation charges, it will be an advance payment of Rs 500 only, which is valid for 7 days advise per patient.

e) We analyze the case in detail to look at possibilities and chalk out plan; the doctor will contact through email/phone at their discretion; Video-call consultation will be introduced in near future. 

f) Transfer payment to our account for prescribed medicine, see payment modes. Before going payments, please ensure your treatment plan. 

g) Ideally, we meet in person at least once, if scheduled appointment, we may go video call (Skype/ Google Meet / WhatsApp), Audio call, or Chat option. * 

h) We need a day (sometimes one more day) to analyze and re-evaluate; we can respond within 48 working hours.  

i) We prescribe and we do a control every month or every week depending on the situation.


Payment is required in full at the time of your visit; it will be made by cash. If the online Consultation, we allowed payment as advance through the UPI Mobile App, Payment Gateway or Account transfer, etc..

A brief question to clinical members of the staff, whether by phone or in person, can usually be answered without charge to the patient, but anything involving medical advice or consultative professional services is charged on a time basis, just as an office visit.

When trying to contact us, our receptionists will make every effort to connect you immediately. However, if this is not possible, they will schedule a time for you to speak with a clinician to ensure that your questions are answered. 

All of the information we ask for prior to your visit helps us to help you. Once again, if you have any questions, please contact us.

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