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Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic is a synonym of herbal and holistic medicine in Kerala and India. Began in 2008 It has become the pioneer of herbal and one of the best clinic for complete herbal and natural treatment. Thousands of patients across the world used herbal and holistic treatments from this clinic and are living healthy and happy. With its ten years of excellent service in care and cure. It has planned to widen and further this system into other places round the globe.

The Clinic is a center of a unique combination of treatment with Herbal medicines and Chinese Acupuncture. The Clinic specializes in herbal treatment in accordance with the Herbal medicine, Herbal Spagyric therapy and specially Electro Homeopathy herbal medicine. It treats all diseases with the naturally obtained medicines and by applying Regimental therapies. The Herbal medicines are obtained from Herbal plants. The regimental Therapies include Cupping, Leeching and Moxibustion… etc.

With a great mission to provide the Herbal and holistic treatment with Chinese Acupuncture at the affordable expenses, the clinic assures Reliable, Ethical, Scientific and Complete natural health care for all. Herbal and Natural treatment helps you to free your mind and body from diseases, toxins and also from unwanted medicines.

Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic is a pioneering center dedicated to Herbal and holistic medicines and has generated a lot of interest in the health sector. Located at the heart of Valanchery City in the God’s own country (Kerala), the Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic was established by Well known physician Dr. Ismayil a man’s exemplary vision, and a big heart to serve the mankind. Fuelled by his passion, over the years Modern Electro-Homeopathy Clinic has become a reputed organization, curing patients all over the world. It is great Herbal and Holistic Medical Centre to provide the guidance of the efficient Medical Practitioner Dr. Ismayil and Dr. Shaina Khan and the Clinic impart a good feeling to the patients with its Kerala style of architecture. 

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