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Pettorale-6: Empowering Respiratory Health with a Potent Remedy for Chronic Bronchial Catarrh

Pettorale-6: Alleviating Chronic Bronchial Catarrh with a Powerful Respiratory Remedy. This respiratory and pectoral remedy, consisting of a combination of P1 and C5 (P1: 10ml + C5: 10ml), targets chronic bronchial catarrh and provides relief for upper respiratory tract conditions, lung ailments, and respiratory organ disorders. It effectively addresses symptoms such as lung catarrh, purulent cough, and obstructive bronchial catarrh.

By acting on the upper respiratory tract, including nasal polyps and tumors of the larynx, pharynx, or trachea, Pettorale-6 offers relief from catarrhal conditions and hoarseness of voice caused by diphtheria. It is specially formulated to address acute and chronic obstructive diseases of the upper respiratory tract and provides therapeutic support for nasal catarrh, bronchial tumors, and extracellular growths.

Pettorale-6 combines the potent properties of P1 and C5 to target chronic bronchial catarrh and other related conditions. Experience the powerful synergy of these remedies, which work harmoniously to alleviate symptoms and promote respiratory health.

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