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List Of Electro-Homoeopathy Medicine with its Remarkable action

Therapeutic Indication Of 60 Electro-Homeopathic Medicines

S1 / Scrofoloso-1: A panacea for the whole metabolism, gastric center, stimulate appetite and metabolic, also in alcohol and nicotine abuse.

S2 / Scrofoloso-2: Bladder, kidney, liver, bile, stool inertia.

S3 / Scrofoloso-3: Skin (chronic eczema), intestinal mucosa (chronic diarrhea), nervous system sensitive.

S4 / Scrofoloso-4: Urethritis, cystitis.

S5 / Scrofoloso-5: Liver, gall. Promotes bile and uric acid excretion, acute rash, eczema.

S6 / Scrofoloso-6: Kidneys, kidney stones, bladder, diuretic atherosclerosis.

S7 / Scrofoloso-7: Acute inflammations of the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes and glands.

S8 / Scrofoloso-8: Anemia and weakness in states of gastric disease.

S9 / Scrofoloso-9: Nervous disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, functional deficiency of the liver, bile deficient secretion.

S10 / Scrofoloso-10: Infection and colds, vegetative nervous disorders (stomach, intestine, gallbladder, heart, migraine), cramps, colic.

S11 / Scrofoloso-11: Pregnancy vomits, motion sickness, migraine with vomiting.

S12 / Scrofoloso-12: Eye product, conjunctival catarrh and inflammation.

A1 / Angiotico-1: Arterial system, heart and circulation (general stimulating strong, calming, lowers blood pressure).

A2 / Angiotico-2: Venous system, venous congestion, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, chronic inflammation.

A3 / Angiotico-3: Hematopoietic system, anemia, convalescence, weak states, neurasthenia.


F1 / Febrifugo-1: Central and autonomic nervous system, in the strong basic neighborhood, reassuring D10

F2 / Febrifugo-2: Topical application in neuralgia, irritability, cramps, itching.

C1 / Canceroso-1: Tissue products containing a large area of effect. Glands, mucous membranes, a great female remedy for hundred folds of female diseases.

C2 / Canceroso-2: Serous membranes, mucous membranes, such as bladder, gallbladder, large bowel (constipation), and edema.

C3 / Canceroso-3: Skin, glands, intestines (diarrhea).

C4 / Canceroso-4: Medium bone, teeth, hair, nails.

C5 / Canceroso-5: Liver, skin, ulcers, tumors.

C6 / Canceroso-6: Kidney, arteriosclerosis, kidney stones, bladder and gout.

C7 / Canceroso-7: Varicose veins, chronic inflammations, abscesses, ulcers.

C8 / Canceroso-8: Liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, chronic constipation.

C9 / Canceroso-9: Stomach, lymphoid organs, glands, nutritional and metabolic disorders.

C10 / Canceroso-10: Nervous disorders of the gastrointestinal channel.

C11 / Canceroso-11: Muscle and articular rheumatism, gout, arthritis, abscesses, skin rash.

C12 / Canceroso-12: Acute inflammations of the glands, mucous membranes, female genital organs.

C13 / Canceroso-13: Throat, tonsils, larynx, (inflammations, catarrhs).

C14 / Canceroso-14: Throat, tonsils, larynx, (febrile purulent inflammations).

C15 / Canceroso-15: Stomachic, (ulcers, enlargement, reduction), peritoneum, breaking equipment.

C16 / Canceroso-16: Like C15, particularly severe stomach illness with anemia and weakness.

C17 / Canceroso-17: Blister agents, base thickness for urinary retention, potency (D10) for bed wetting.

Ven1 / Venerio-1: Chronic in all, the metabolism, blood and lymphatic disease as an additive.

Ven2 / Venerio-2: Chronic urethral and bladder disorders.

Ven3 / Venerio-3: Inflammatory diseases of the glands, mucous membranes and skin.

Ven4 / Venerio-4: Mainly externally for abscesses and ulcers.

Ven5 / Venerio-5: Chronic skin rash, and externally applied (envelopes).

P1 / Pettorale-1: Cough, bronchitis.

P2 / Pettorale-2: Cough with thick mucus and catarrh.

P3 / Pettorale-3: Cough medicine for children.

P4 / Pettorale-4: Cough and asthma in older people, emphysema, spasmodic cough.

P5 / Pettorale-5: Constitutional diseases of the lung in particular.

P6 / Pettorale-6: Expectorant, chronic catarrh.

P7 / Pettorale-7: Acute forms of inflammation of the bronchi and lungs.

P8 / Pettorale-8: Chronic lung diseases becoming infected with constant low temperature rise.

P9 / Pettorale-9: Acute febrile with spasmodic bronchial cough.

L1 / Linfatico-1: Lymph system, druze, swelling, skin rash.

L2 / Linfatico-2: Anemia, blood for strengthening and renewal, a weakness of various origins.

Ver1 / Vermifugo-1: Intestinal disorders, infection diseases and intestinal parasites.

Ver2 / Vermifugo-2: As V1, especially chronic diseases, constipation (enemas).

B.E / Blue Electricity: Arterial System, Low doses: hemorrhage, acute inflammation, strong boxes, heart failure, circulatory disorders.

G.E / Green Electricity: Veins, hemorrhoids, chronic. Inflammation, ulceration.

R.E / Red Electricity: Neuralgia, paralysis, depression.

Y.E / Yellow Electricity: Cramps, colic, agitation, itching.

W.E / White Electricity: Nervous exhaustion, neurosis, pain, sleep disturbance.

A.P.P / Aqua Perla Pelli: Skin glands skin nerves, disorders of the skin, to skin care.

S Lass / Scrofoloso Laxativo: Works as digestive and laxative.

Synth / Synthesis: General wholesome remedy for sinking weak and anemic patients.

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