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“Acupuncture Therapeutic Index” serves as a concise and comprehensive guide, offering valuable information on point selection, the five elements, element points, and points secrets in acupuncture therapy. Focusing on the treatment of 500 disorders, this book provides concise notes and proven points arranged in alphabetical order. With its user-friendly format and practical insights, “Acupuncture for 500 Disorders” is an invaluable resource for practitioners seeking to enhance their understanding of acupuncture and its application in addressing a wide range of health conditions. This is a readable Amazon Kindle eBook.


“Acupuncture Therapeutic Index” is a meticulously crafted book that serves as a vital reference for practitioners of acupuncture therapy. Within its pages, readers will discover a wealth of valuable information, including concise and insightful notes on point selection, the five elements, element points, and points secrets. The book takes a comprehensive approach by focusing on 500 specific disorders, providing practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the conditions and their corresponding treatment protocols.

What sets this book apart is its organized and user-friendly format. The disorders and their associated points are arranged in alphabetical order, allowing for easy navigation and quick access to relevant information. This structure enables practitioners to swiftly find the specific disorder they are addressing and locate the proven points for effective treatment. Whether one is seeking guidance on a common ailment or a rare condition, this book offers a reliable resource to inform acupuncture therapy decisions.

By delving into the “Acupuncture Therapeutic Index,” practitioners gain a deeper understanding of the art and science of acupuncture. The book’s wealth of knowledge equips them with the tools to make informed decisions when selecting points and formulating treatment plans. The concise and practical nature of the information ensures that practitioners can seamlessly integrate it into their day-to-day practice, enhancing their ability to provide effective care and improve patient outcomes.

In summary, “Acupuncture for 500 Disorders” is an indispensable companion for acupuncturists, offering a concise yet comprehensive compilation of knowledge. Its clear presentation of point selection, the five elements, element points, and points secrets, coupled with its focus on specific disorders, makes it an invaluable resource for practitioners seeking to deepen their expertise in acupuncture therapy.


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